How to transfer your Domain name

Initiate Domain Transfer
Begin your domain transfer process by inputting your existing domain name on our platform.
2. Unlock and Get EPP Code
Securely unlock and obtain an authorization code to smoothly transfer your domain name.
3. Confirm Transfer to Kwikaweb
Submit your authorization code to us and finalize your domain transfer to Kwikaweb.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Why Switch Your Domains to Kwikaweb? Here's Why!
    Switching your domains to Kwikaweb has loads of advantages: You only pay a flat fee for each domain you move, which includes the ICANN registration where needed. There are no hidden fees. Your remaining registration time carries over, plus you get a free extra year for every domain you move. You'll save more in the long run. We have top-notch support available for all your domain queries, to help you solve any problems swiftly.
  • How can I move my domains to Kwikaweb?
    Shifting your domains to us is easy. Just follow these steps or check out our helpful video guided by our Kwikaweb experts.
  • Unlock your domain from your current registrar.
    Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. Make sure your domain's contact information is up-to-date, as your current registrar might use it during the process.
  • What occurs when I transfer a domain?
    When you move a domain, only the domain comes over to Kwikaweb. Other linked services like email or hosting don't, unless you choose to move them over too.
  • Any limits when moving domains?
    Domains can be transferredd almost anytime, but ICANN rules say no moves within 60 days of registration or a prior move. There are special rules for moving some domains like .uk, .ca, .eu, .es, .se, and .au to Kwikaweb.
  • How long does a domain transfer take?
    Domain transfers usually take about a week. You can track your move's progress on your Kwikaweb Transfers Page. We'll also keep you updated if any action is required.
  • What's the cost to move my domain name?
    The cost to move a domain to Kwikaweb depends on the domain, but all our prices are upfront, with no surprise fees. Plus, you get a free year of registration. After your domain expires, you'll be charged yearly at the then-current price to keep the domain.
  • How can Kwikaweb help me with domain transfers?
    Kwikaweb simplifies the process of domain transfers with easy-to-follow steps. Once your domains are with Kwikaweb, you'll find our management tools very user-friendly, helping you renew, update, or modify your domains effortlessly. Plus, we're always here to assist if you need help.