Fair Use Policy

Kwikaweb has a Fair Use Policy that governs the use of our products and services. This policy applies to the different hosting packages we offer, which include limited or unlimited resources like disk space, data transfer (also known as bandwidth), email accounts, and databases. It applies to every Kwikaweb’s customer.

The reason these hosting plans are affordable is because multiple customers share the same server. However, it’s important not to exceed the limits of the server and disrupt other users.

There are certain activities that are not allowed under this policy, such as using the hosting plans primarily for online file storage, electronic file archiving, or video/audio streaming. Instead, you should store your files on third-party online storage sites and embed the links on your website.

The Fair Use Policy allows customers to use the resources without additional charges as their site visitors increase. However, usage must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and reasonable standards of fair use. If your site is causing issues for others on the shared server, you may receive a warning notice. If the usage exceeds the set limit, you may need to upgrade to a higher plan.

If Kwikaweb determines that a customer’s account is using an excessive amount of bandwidth or other resources, causing interference with other users, we will notify the customer and give them a chance to resolve the issue. However, if the resource usage is significantly higher than fair use, Kwikaweb may suspend or terminate the customer’s account. We will discuss alternative options to provide better service.

Note that this fair use policy is subject to change at any time.